Saturday, 18 December 2010

no more WORRIES.... (^_-)

hehehe... terlupa lak... asyik update sal adik je sampai kegembiraan aty sendiri pn lupe nk update... hak3 tuih~~   =p

actually last week my boy trun kL during my sis operation's... i'm so proud and hepi coz he willing 2 come here and sacrifice his work... and one more think  thing, he got 1 gud news from his manager that his transfer application has approved... he has been transfered 2  JUSCO BKT TINGGGI in KALANG  KLANG...
yahoooooooo!!!!! i'm the one who are very happy.... no more worries... whenever i want 2 see him , juz went there.... no need 2 take long time journey... ahahahah....

thanks to ALLAH 4 all the happinest U've give 2 me... i know U've heard all our prayers... my prayers and his prayers... we couldn't be so far in a long time.... anyway, i juz want 2 say   SYUKUR ALHAMDULILLAH....


lubiuuuu dem much  

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